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   L A T E S T      R E L E A S E
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Soothing, gentle, loving and uplifting
melodies and harmonies
that ease the mind, touch the heart, 
and comfort the soul. 

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Scores for Sacred Suite are available:


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Other Music by Robert Ashford

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Sample and Purchase
Robert Ashford's CD
Heroes and Heroines


Sample and Purchase
Robert Ashford’s CD
The Lord's Prayer.


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Robert Ashford's music is aired on radio stations throughout the USA.

His compositions will please people who love beautiful melody and harmony.

His melodies are immediately appealing and grow on you the more you hear them.

Ashford’s music has a calming and centering quality that promotes healing and concentration and is good for children of all ages.

Robert Ashford's music eases the mind, touches the heart, and comforts the soul.

What others say:

* Ornette Coleman, said “Robert Ashford’s music has a natural and spiritual beauty that everyone should hear.”

* Noted musicologist Don Campbell, champion of "the Mozart Effect," described Ashford's music as "both awakening and calming at the same time, ...clean, beautifully structured and inspiring."

* “Luminous beauty” were words used by Australian Composer Simon Wade to describe Robert Ashford’s music.

* According to BMI's Concert Music Director, Ralph Jackson, "Robert Ashford's music is receiving an unprecedented level of radio air play.... Ashford is truly one-of-a-kind."

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"With extraordinary originality, Robert Ashford builds on centuries of melodic development from early madrigals through Schubert and beyond, adding fresh contemporary expression, to compose truly exquisite new melodies that will be borrowed, arranged, and orchestrated by others well into the future."

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